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At Hearing Solutions of Helena, MT, we strive for everyone to hear at his or her best ability. Whether you are looking to get tested for a hearing device or need an upgrade to your current one, we can give you the assistance you deserve.

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Sue Sherman, HIS

Sue Sherman is a Hearing Aid Specialist and has been in the industry for fifteen years. Before Sue got into the hearing aid industry she worked in the restaurant/bar industry. She is a Montana native, has 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. She is knowledgeable, caring, and service-oriented, and is looking forward to helping you hear all that you can hear! Sue is extremely passionate about what she does!


Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson is the receptionist and office manager.  She will greet you with a smile and will help you in any way she can.  Amy wears hearing aids and is happy to share her story about how they changed her life for the better. She has been a hairdresser for 12 years and is new to the hearing aid industry. She is currently doing online courses to get her license. Call her to schedule your appointment today!

Personalized solutions that work.

Our patients are getting more out of life!

With our free consultations and risk-free FLEX trial, we make it simple and affordable to find the best solution for your lifestyle.

"Sue provides excellent examination and fitting services in a caring manner. There is never a question that making your hearing the best it can be is her primary concern. Each of my experiences with Hearing Solutions has been a pleasure and with an excellent outcome."

- Charles

"Sue is very caring and passionate about helping people with their hearing problems. She works very hard to be sure that you have the best experience with hearing aids. I believe she has gone above and beyond to help me have better hearing."

- Gen

Pay it Forward Program

We realize these are trying times and sometimes finances do not allow for a large investment like hearing aids, that is why we offer a Pay-It-Forward program.  When one of our patients gets new hearing aids and is kind enough to donate their old pair, we then clean and check them and put them into our Pay-It-Forward program.  Then, if one of our patients needs hearing help but can’t afford new hearing aids, we can fit that patient with a free pair from our donations and all they have to pay for is our service. 


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